About Dyess Farms

Dyess Farms has been in the cattle business for over 40 years. Originally a Braford cattle operation Dyess Farms is now home to 200 plus head of Brahman cattle and only has Registered Brahman Cattle. With Both Red and Gray Brahman Cattle Dyess Farms has made a large impact on the Brahman breed in a short period of time. The change from Braford cattle to Brahman cattle occurred in 2005, when 50 head of J.D Hudgins heifers were purchased. The entire herd of Brahman cattle are based on some of the best genetics that can be found and a large number of the Dyess Farms cattle have J.D. Hudgins in their bloodline. If you are looking for some of the very best Brahman cattle in the United States, Dyess Farms can provide you with top quality cattle with the best genetics available.

Meet The Dyess Farms’ Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Owners of Dyess Farms, Glynn & Joyce Dyess,  originally bred Braford cattle. With over 500 head of Braford cattle it could be said that the Dyess family is in the cattle business in a big way. In 2005, at the request of his wife Joyce, Glynn Dyess Made the move to Registered Brahman Cattle. He decided if he was to buy Brahman cattle he wanted to buy the very best genetics so his herd could be based on top quality Brahman genetics. With the purchase of over 50 head of J.D. Hudgins females anyone in the Brahman breed would agree Glynn Dyess had made a wise choice on genetics. Glynn and Joyce Dyess made all the breeding decisions on the cattle and did a great job of planning matings and managing the Brahman herd. In 2009 they decided to hire a top hand to manage their Brahman cattle. Glynn Dyess is the CEO of M.G. Dyess, Inc. which is a privately held Mississippi corporation. Since their incorporation in October 1992, M.G. Dyess has completed mainline gas transmission projects, right-of-way stabilization, right-of-way maintenance, directional drilling, fabrication, civil structures, compressor stations, and service agreements.

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